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Photo #1 Gerard Bianchi Photo #2 Tom Peterson Photo #3 Frank Gardner

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  • O_Tom-Peterson_Dancing-Before-Corn
  • N_Frank_Gardner_Black_Bear

Upload your images for competition

Please note: Competition is for members only. Digital images will be judged and scored during our regular competition meetings.  If you are interested in competing please feel free to come to a meeting and join us!  

Very Important: Before submitting your images please be sure prepare and name your images properly.

Click here for instructions on preparing your digital images.

Photos must be no more than 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high and saved in the sRGB color space. There is no specific file size limit, but it is suggested to use a quality setting sufficient to keep the file size to a reasonable level (e.g., 600-800 KB). For example, a jpeg quality level of 7-9 is usually adequate.

The naming convention for your photos must be as follows:

File name must begin with a letter to indicate the appropriate competition category:

 - OC for Open Color

- OB for Open Black & White

- A for Assigned Subject

- N for Nature

- ONS - Beginners Open Digital Image - Color or B&W - No Scores - Comments Only

Follow this with an underscore, your first name, underscore, your last name, underscore and the image title. If the image is a make-up, continue with an underscore and MU (for make-up).





Note: If you don't include your name in the file name, we will have no way of knowing which member submitted it and you may not get credit for the score.

Upload your images:

When the upload has completed, click "done" you will then see a password box. This is when you have successfully completed your image upload. (You DO NOT have or need a password.) The password protect page is simply to protect your images.

Click here:


New Upload Procedure (Currently In Testing Only):

Candlewood Camera Club is in the process of moving to a new upload method for monthly competitions. We would like for you to evaluate the new method and to provide feedback on any issues or concerns that you might find. We would appreciate it if, after you upload your images to competition using the original method (above), you also upload your images using the new method as a test. To use the new method, visit the following website:


When you use this link, you will be asked for a username and password. The username and password were e-mailed to club members separately.

Note that any images you upload using this method will NOT be entered into competition. It is only for testing. You MUST use the usual upload link and method until the club switches over. 

You are done! Thank you for entering our digital competition.

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