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Preparing Digital Images for Competition

Sizing: Your images must fit into a "box" that is no more then 768 pixels high by 1024 pixels wide. This means that even if your photo is in a vertical orientation, the height should still be 768 pixels and NOT 1024 pixels.

Color Space: Your image should be saved in sRGB color space.

File Size: Your image should not be more then 350kb . Typically saving as jpeg quality of 8 is adequate.

File saving: There is no specific file size limit, but it is suggested that you use a quality setting sufficient to keep the file size to a reasonable level (e.g., 600-800 KB). For example, a jpeg quality level of 7-9 is usually adequate.

File naming: File name should begin with a letter (OC for open color, OB for open black and white, A for assigned  and ONS for Beginner open category) followed by underscore, your name, underscore, image title. If the image is a make up the title should continue with underscore, and MU (for make-up)





IMPORTANT: All images must be received before 9:00 AM the Monday morning prior to competition. Our Digital Chairperson needs time to download & sort the images into folders and type up the entry lists for competition.Any images received after competition deadline will be held for the following months competition and be entered as a make up.

**PLEASE NOTE: There is an issue with the Mac App email program mailing into our competition email. This is due to the fact that the Mac App puts the image into the body of the email, rather than as an attachment, and the system is unable to separate it into the proper folder within our site. For this reason, if you use a Mac you will need to use an alternate online email (such as google, hotmail, yahoo, etc...) to submit your images.

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